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Billion BiPac 7800n – O2 Broadband ADSL to Sky Broadband MER Migration

If you own a Billion 7800n router then you will know where these settings go:

Main Port: ADSL
Protocol: PPPoA (RFC2364, PPP over AAL5)
[sometimes ATM instead of AAL5]

VPI / VCI: 0 / 38
[this is for both O2 and BEthere customers]

Password: [leave blank]
Encap. Method: VC/MUX
Auth. Protocol: Auto
IP Address:
Obtain DNS Automatically: enabled
Primary DNS: if you leave them as there are then they will automatically change as long as obtain DNS Automatically is enabled

MTU: 1492


Manually Updating Roundcube Webmail on cPanel Installation

cd <where-you-want-tarball-saved>
wget <download-latest-version-here->
tar xf roundcubemail-*.tar.gz
cd <the-unpacked-roundcube-directory>
bin/ /usr/local/cpanel/base/3rdparty/roundcube/config 
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