Mac Dock Delay

Remove the Delay for Auto-Hide & Auto-Show of Dock
Launch the Terminal and enter the following defaults write command:
defaults write autohide-delay -float 0 && killall Dock

Return to Default Dock Hide/Show Delay
To return to the default setting and autohide delay, go back to the Terminal and enter the following command:
defaults delete autohide-delay && killall Dock

Remove the Auto-Hiding Dock Delay in Mac OS X

Liang Jing Ru – Di San Zhe

你的話我曉得 無論你說得多麼溫和
某一些難解的隔閡 把愛傷害了 那多不值得

沒什麼好怪的 我已經乏力繼續拉扯
沒有誰非愛誰不可 就算變心了 也非罪不可赦

她只是最最無辜的第三者 就算她消失此刻
告訴我能得回什麼呢 責怪她又憑什麼呢

我們之間的困難 在她出現之前就有了
雖然我憤怒 但是我明白的
把過錯讓她去揹著 那是不對的

Hey女孩你聽著 所有愛情都有競爭者
我不妒忌你們快樂 雖然我人生因此有曲折

他還是不錯的 我們的選擇不是巧合
妳用青春大膽假設 我去將失去活成一種獲得

You know whether you are right however modest
Estrangement of some obscure love hurt more than not worth it

I know what you’re saying, no matter how nice you’re putting it.
Theres no-one to blame, i have already tried my best.
Even if you have changed your heart, it’s not wrong.

She’s just the innocent third party, even she disappears right here right now, what do you expect me to do?
On what grounds should i blame her?
Our problems existed before she appeared, although i’m furious, but i understand.
To let her carry the blame would be unfair to her.

Hey listen girl, there is competition in all relationships, i’m not jealous that both of you are happy.
Our choice is not a coincidence. Although your choice has destroyed me.
I will take it positively.

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