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NS3 Log Commands

./waf –run scratch/myfirst > scratch/myfirst.out 2>&1

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Final Flavour!

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Linux Folder Shorcut Creation


ln -fs /home/tc4/Dropbox/Uni\ Work/Project/scratch/

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Linux Command (delete chrome config)

rm /home/student/q/USERNAMEHERE/.config/chromium/SingletonLock

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Ubuntu and NS-3 Installation!

C++/Linux/NS-3 for my project…

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Windows 7 Hack – Install MUI

Dism /online /Add-Package /PackagePath:C:\

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Chinese Visa Service – 5 Star China Holidays Ltd. / 5 Star Chinese Visa

Both websites looks very unprofessional however their service is really worthy of 5 stars!
Good price, fast turnaround and friendly customer service.

5 Star China Holidays
1st Floor
Albany House
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You’re not wrong…

你沒錯, 是我笨!

I betrayed myself.

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